Easter Day Murders Bryant Jackson

ISBN: 9781438945842

Published: February 18th 2010


188 pages


Easter Day Murders  by  Bryant Jackson

Easter Day Murders by Bryant Jackson
February 18th 2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 188 pages | ISBN: 9781438945842 | 9.56 Mb

Jerry Bauer and James Stevens are two people with different past and secrets that cross paths in a sick and twisted way. Jerry Bauer, a Criminal Psychiatrist and adolescent mentor and James Stevens, a troubled orphan with no hope. Theyre both the same person. Or are they? After months of helping the FBI look for a serial killer, Dr. Jerry Bauer makes the hunt for the killer seem elusive. He also discusses with James raged outlashes he has let come to surface. An FBI agent, Luther Manchester comes to Bauer with some evidence on the killer, to which the killer is murdering his victims in a biblical sense.

By accident, James discovers a shocking yet interesting twist in the story. Murders begin to come up even more weird than before. Revealed, rookie agent, Sherry Dixon comes up with the first lead in the case- she finds out all of the victims were psych patients which end up being ex-Manson Family memebers. Meanwhile, James takes a beating at the orphanage hes in which he begins to develope multiple personalities. Manchester and Dixon, on the trail of the killer, which is getting close to pulling off his biggest murder.

James is being accepted into his foster family, hes beaten and raped by his foster sister and foster father. James is threaten if he told anyone what happen to him. Everything comes to a head, the serial killer kills Dixon and Manchester. Agent, Alberto Rodriguez, is tipped to bring the serial killer down. The story includes more characters and subplots which twist the story into a mind teaser, such as when a Ex Forensic agent turned detective, is assigned to the reopening to the case and he finds out the killer is still alive.

Theres more details as the story grows...

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