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Two For A Night  by  Lucia Jordan

Two For A Night by Lucia Jordan
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Two hunks, one starry night…The somewhat unadventurous Yasmin is convinced by her vivacious friend Veronica that she should allow for some more excitement in her life and what better way than a threesome to kick things off?Popular author Lucia Jordan brings you an erotic menage/threesome short which contains HOT Adult Content.Preview:He was a fantastic dancer.

He took her hand and guided her through the music, giving her the opportunity to let go, too. She wasn’t holding back any more of her giggles now – a few good glasses of wine had helped her lose a lot of her inhibitions. She ground it up against her dancing partner, who had her clasped with her back to him. It was getting pretty raunchy till Chance appeared and cut in.“Trust him not to keep his paws off,” Chance said with humor, as Lionel stepped off with a good-natured laugh.

Yasmin got spinned off again, and couldn’t help feeling like she was dancing on air within Chance’s arms. It seemed crazy to be so attracted to both men at the same time and with equal degree. Both friends knew just what to do and say to make her feel like she was floating on candy-floss clouds.She never wanted the night to end.They found Lionel waiting by the time they left the dance floor minutes later.

“Wouldn’t want to wear you out so soon,” Chance teased, as they made a tight little trio joking in the corner. Yasmin knew they were all messing about but she couldn’t deny there was a frisson of dark excitement in the air.

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